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The Unused Brain Of Patient

The Unused Brain

The Unused Brain Of Patient

The specialists delivered their somber news as the patient’s family assembled.

“The prognosis is not favorable,” they began.

“There is a slim ray of hope in the form of a groundbreaking procedure—a brain transplant. However, it’s important to note that this procedure is experimental, and there’s a significant cost associated with it. You will be responsible for covering these expenses.”

Curiosity hung in the air, and one of the family members inquired, “What’s the price for a brain?”

The specialists responded, “For a male brain, the cost is $500,000. For a female brain, it’s $200,000.”

While some of the younger male relatives tried to feign astonishment, most of the men simply nodded, seemingly comprehending the situation. A few even wore smirks.

Yet, the patient’s daughter wasn’t satisfied and pressed further, “Why the difference in pricing between male and female brains?”

The head of the specialist team replied, “It’s a standard pricing practice. Female brains are priced lower because they’ve already been put to good use.”

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